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Intro: Opportunity Economics(OE) & Free MarketEErs(FM)

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How is society best organized to maximize the happiness of the people? We suggest that the answer is an intellectually based, empirically proven and emotionally satisfying business operating philosophy that

  1. Maximizes mankind’s wealth, and
  2. Distributes the wealth most widely, through
  3. Free people freely engaging in mutually beneficial commerce.

When business owners:

  1. Conduct their affairs with the big picture and long term in mind, they will necessarily
  2. act with integrity, honesty and fair dealing; the result is the 6 benefits of Opportunity Economics:
    1. Maximum wealth creation,
    2. The widest distribution of that wealth,
    3. Maximum freedom
    4. Maximum opportunity for everyone to fulfill their potential
    5. Enough wealth to provide for those who cannot care for themselves,
    6. Upward pressure on real wages.

“The innovator had grown rich, which is good and had spread prosperity around him, which is better…No pocket was so humble that it did not contain a little money; no dwelling so obscure that it did not shelter a little happiness”. This commentary on the Free MarketEEr Jean Valjean of LES MISERABLES by Victor Hugo says most eloquently how Free MarketEErs benefit mankind.

Opportunity Economics is a comprehensive business philosophy that advocates what Victor Hugo’s fictional Jean Valjean did; “doing well in business, by doing good things for others”. It is essentially a philosophy of enlightened self interest. We advocate wise, effective, rational business practices that will make the business owner wealthier by always acting in a way that:

  1. directly benefits those who make the business possible (customers, employees, suppliers),
  2. indirectly benefits the community so business can thrive in a stable world. (Great wealth, with  widening disparity between rich & poor, will inevitably be plundered).

Opportunity Economics, especially when practiced by Free MarketEErs has throughout history provided not only the best, but the only sustainable path to widely dispersed prosperity, opportunity and stability. Indeed, the mission of the great economist, Adam Smith, was not to study the wealth of individuals, but the “Wealth of Nations”. He concluded that an economic system that allows maximum freedom for individuals to become wealthy will necessarily benefit the most people. But, advocates of Free Market Capitalism too often fail to clearly say that their goal is to help the most people enjoy permanent prosperity. We intend to correct that.

Our Website’s purpose and goal is to present the business, financial, economic, philanthropic and political consequences of Opportunity Economics as utilized by Free MarketEErs and put forth an action plan to:

  1. Present the remarkable success enjoyed by Free MarketEErs,
  2. Educate the public about Opportunity Economics and encourage others to adopt the philosophy,
  3. Fund Opportunity Economics endeavors in a multitude of ways, and
  4. Advocate political action to create an electoral majority in favor of the policies that will benefit the most people.