Opportunity Economics, Free Marketeers and Education

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Education is a key element in Opportunity Economics and Free MarketEErism. We need to provide everyone with a good education so that the well paying, fulfilling jobs Free MarketEErs create can be filled and no one will be left behind.Therefore, we advocate some simple but “game-changing” education policies.

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A RIGHT TO A GOOD EDUCATION in which they learn the basic skills needed to participate fully in a prosperous society. This means primary education must prepare students in the basic skills of reading, writing, math and science. And, secondary education must provide an education that qualifies them for a job, as well as the opportunity for a college education, if they choose that route. Therefore, we recommend:

  1. Universal primary school choice where every family has the option to have their children educated in the best way possible, whether public, private, charter or home-schools. In other words every child should have the same opportunities that children of politicians have.
  2. High Schools re-designed to emphasize academic rigor, but also applied math and science that will prepare people for a lifetime of work. They must also expand alliances with colleges to provide for college credit during the last year or two of high school.
  3. Oppressive student college debt must be reduced through an expansion of more affordable “Community Colleges”, the development of a “Netflix of Education” making the best teachers available at an affordable price whether on a college campus or on line, and more internships where students “earn while they learn”.
  4. Successful business owners should make themselves available to high schools and colleges as mentors, guest lecturers and adjunct professors to maximize practical education.

(An interesting example of a comprehensive, practical education. A friend of mine was one of 3 sons of Italian immigrants. Their father worked in a quarry his entire life, and saved enough money to put all 3 sons through college. But, he had one condition: each son must first learn a trade that will make it possible to earn a living before he would put them through college – where they were free to pursue any degree. One became a skilled carpenter, another, an electrician and the third a plumber. And they all went on to get their college degrees as well.)

WHAT WE TEACH OUR CHILDREN IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT We must seize upon young people’s idealism and show the benefits of Opportunity Economics and the great things they can accomplish in the business world by following the example of the Free MarketEErs. We must instill in them the ethics at the core of Opportunity Economics and Free Marketeerism so they can continue to make businesses and the commerce they generate mankind’s greatest benefactor. (See Ethics page).  Indeed, our young must see how a life in business can satisfy their most generous impulses. The best way to do that? Tell the stories of Free MarketEErs (see our Example of Free MarketEErs page).