Free Marketeers and Politics

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Free Markets as a Political Uniter

Opportunity Economics utilized by Free Marketeers is not only the best way for individuals to fulfill their potential, but is also the best way to create maximum wealth and distribute it most broadly. Essentially, the only way that poverty is reduced and prosperity shared by the greatest number of people is for business and commerce to flourish. When this is the goal, we can unite virtually all well-meaning people behind political action designed to expand opportunity for everyone – conservatives, libertarians, the constantly shifting political “middle” – and liberals. Opportunity Economics, properly presented, can remake the political debate.

STEP 1: Make it clear that we are unapologetically committed to practices that create the greatest prosperity for the greatest number, while also defending the right of individuals to spend their money any way they want, but add that mere accumulation of wealth is a short-sighted and often self destructive missed opportunity.

STEP 2: Eliminate associations that are easy marks for those who want to destroy free markets, e.g., 19th Century Robber Barons who relied on coercion to succeed, and today’s crony capitalists.

Then we will have the credibility to take the STEP 3: advocating specific policies that will increase opportunity, plus create and distribute wealth:

  1. Lower Tax rates, so business has more money to create jobs and distribute wealth,
  2. Less Regulation, so business has more time to create jobs and distribute wealth,
  3. Legal Reform, so business has more time and money to create jobs and distribute wealth,
  4. Educational Reform, so we can all qualify for the jobs Free Marketeers are creating, including universal school choice, vocational education, expansion of internships so students can “earn while they learn”, and relief from student debt through a “Netflix” of education,
  5. Healthcare reform based on Health Savings Accounts that will allow everyone to control their own health care dollars while lowering the cost of care and the cost of insurance.

Watch in the future for separate website pages on Legal Reform, Educational Reform and Healthcare Reform.