The Action Plan

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An intellectually based, empirically proven method of maximizing wealth and spreading it most widely through an emotionally satisfying advocacy.

Step One: Conduct a Survey
-A study of the history of and motivation for business charity to set the stage for encouraging business giving based on “enlightened self interest” – a company prospering by helping others.
-The emphasis will be on to what extent business giving is more consistent with the aims of the giver, as well as more plentiful, effective & permanent, if it is in the giver’s best interests and produces:

  1. better qualified, more reliable, more loyal and more productive employees,
  2. uniquely powerful marketing opportunities, and
  3. A more prosperous community and economy.

The result can be:

  1. an expanding supply of increasingly meaningful jobs
  2. a better life for the beneficiaries, all to the betterment of the company, community and nation.

Step Two: encourage Charity Consistent with the Free Enterprise System by:

  1. quantifying the extent that businesses have flourished due to adoption of this win/win policy
  2. as a way to encourage others to follow this uniquely American means of economic progress,
  3. and then create a strategic plan to help more businesses implement the business strategy.

Step Three: Eliminate violation of Donor Intent through showing that if the funding entity is the business which creates the funds, then two benefits result:

  1. the motivation to continue funding is permanent,
  2. the risk of donor intent being abridged is far lower.

Means of Achieving the Goal – a Step by Step Business Strategy

  1. A POPULAR BOOK demonstrating Enlightened Capitalism through profiles of successful users of the philosophy and providing practical guidance on how to implement Enlightened Capitalism policies.
  3. a DOCUMENTARY that showcases Enlightened Capitalism businesses in history, and
  4. a “REALITY TV SHOW” which shows Enlightened Capitalism in action.
  6. Enlightened Capitalism presentations to businesses,
  7. Enlightened Capitalism presentations to college students,
  8. Enlightened Capitalism workshops for elementary, middle and high school students
  9. CONSULTING; provide businesses with ways to implement Enlightened Capitalism, which funds all our activities
  10. A COMMUNITY WIDE DEMONSTRATION in which all businesses adopt the Enlightened Capitalism model.
  11. EB-5 VISA BUSINESS FUNDING which requires the use of Enlightened Capitalism policies.
  13. EVALUATING AND REWARDING; through an annual awards banquet.
  14. CULTURAL RE-ENFORCEMENT through theatrical and made for TV movies and the development of “gathering places” which showcase Enlightened Capitalism.